Ancient greenies ranted too

Posted on timeFebruary 1st, 2008 by userPali Gap

They say that all philosophy is just footnotes to Plato. Even so it comes as a surprise to discover that green fundamentalism was known to the Ancients. (Try substituting the word “pagans” with the phrase “4X4 gas guzzlers” or “Americans” or some other bete noir of the warm-mongers):

“Shall we endure longer that the succession of the seasons be changed, and the temper of the heavens be stirred to anger, since the embittered perfidy of the pagans does not know how to preserve these balances of nature? For why has the spring renounced its accustomed charm? Why has the summer, barren of its harvest, deprived the labouring farmer of his hope of a grain harvest? Why has the intemperate ferocity and the winter with its piercing cold doomed the fertility of the lands with the disaster of sterility? Why all these things, unless nature has transgressed the decree of its own law to avenge such impiety?” —Novellae Theodosiani, 438 CE

(Spotted in Benny Peiser’s excellent CCNet)


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