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Posted on timeDecember 8th, 2006 by userPali Gap

My little blog consists of the jottings of a global warming sceptic (skeptic/contrarian/denier – whatever).

Ironically though I reckon our household’s “carbon footprint” is pretty darn small. Certainly it’s smaller than most of my pro-global warming friends & relatives. In fact in that admittedly far-from-representative sample there seems to be a clear correlation between global warming advocacy/fanaticism/fervour and air miles expended trotting around the globe! Liberal guilt offset by liberal indulgence I guess…

For my part I love the idea of energy self-sufficiency – but as an end in itself and not to “save the planet”. And here is something I have just come across that I think is really cool.

At you can download a bit of freebie software that can control and monitor your PC’s energy use and settings. What’s fun is that it shows you the energy savings you are making in real-time translated into concrete terms such as how many trees and how many gallons of oil you have saved. Also (if you wish) your savings data can be posted back to where they publish the total savings being made by all participating users.

Here’s how it looks:
(Unfortunately the web servers at that host the application seem to struggle with demand. If all you see is white space below this then that’s because their servers are down. Perhaps their wind farm is becalmed…)

N.B. to get those stats to show in this blog I had to place the code in an HTML iframe. Unfortunately that means the link “Join The Fight” won’t work. Instead you can fight your fight by going here


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