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Global warming? Go tell it to the bees!

Posted on timeNovember 28th, 2007 by userPali Gap    flagNo Comments

I know it is fallacious to cherry-pick convenient and perhaps isolated events as “evidence” for anything. But heck, warm-mongers do it all the time, and why should they have all the fun?

It seems honey prices in the UK are set to soar by as much as 25% in the coming year.

And the reason? A dry spell followed by a cold summer in Argentina. Yes, that’s right, Argentina does not seem to be on the same planet as hothouse Earth.

Not only that, the UK Met Office states (a little vaguely admittedly) that bees in Australia and Eastern Europe “experienced many of the same problems“.

But wait, it gets yet more global – Iranian bees have also been chilling out:

“The average harvest of Honey is 7 to 10 Kilos which shows a downward trend in comparison with that of past years because of long lasting coldness of last year and increased rainfall” – Faraj Allah Molavi, the Executive of the Union of honey bee growers of the province East Azerbaijan here

Perhaps we should not be too surprised. The best efforts to measure global temperature seem to show no warming since 1998. One wonders at what point a blip morphs into a “critical anomaly” for warm-mongers?


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