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Politician-lite in weekend mismatch

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…and in the red corner we have a young ambitious British politician – Environment Secretary David Miliband:

“I think that the scientific debate has now closed on global warming, and the popular debate is closing as well” (Miliband on Sky News television).

And in the blue corner Richard Lindzen – Arthur P Sloan Professor of Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (bit of a weight mismatch eh?):

“Yes, there does appear to be warming, but the amount is hardly certain or indisputable. And the amount found does not appear that alarming. The alarm, I would suppose, comes from the notoriously inadequate climate models…for those who enthuse over the regulatory state, the possibility of regulating breathing must be like a dream come true. Under the circumstances, perhaps we should be suspicious of the dishonourable tradition of establishing the alleged truth of global warming by constant repetition, while ignoring reality” (Sunday Telegraph Oct 29 2006).

Continuing his disingenuous political posturing Miliband went on to harangue the United States as a “major emitter” like China and India that needs to get on board.

Get on board what?

Friends Of The Earth report that new Government energy figures show that under Miliband’s Labour government UK Carbon dioxide emissions rose in the first half of 2006, and are now at their highest level since Labour came to power.

And what of the European Union? No small “carbon footprint” there!

I see Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas is saying that CO2 emission plans he has received from 17 EU countries show that they are preparing to release some 15% more greenhouse gases in 2008-2012 than they did in 2005-2007.


Stratospheric COOLING causing problems

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Sometimes ‘global warming’ and ‘ozone layer depletion’ get wrongly conflated.

However recently it seems to me we have not heard too much about the ozone layer issue. Perhaps that is because it had been thought that the problem was going away. The “hole” was thought to be repairing itself or at least stabilizing.

Now it is back on the radar. It seems that scientists at the European Space Agency are reporting that 2006 saw record losses of ozone over the south pole.

What caught my eye however was the conjectured explanation: Far from global warming being to blame, on the contrary, it is thought that record cooling is the culprit!

“Such significant ozone loss requires very low temperatures in the stratosphere combined with sunlight. This year’s extreme loss of ozone can be explained by the temperatures above Antarctica reaching the lowest recorded in the area since 1979”

This from ESA’s atmospheric engineer Claus Zehner (see here and here)

Very odd!


A cool head on eco-concerned shoulders

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I likes this article today from

Greenland’s Ice Melting Slowly

Coming from a web site that you would expect to be firmly on the non-sceptical side of the debate, it is an excellent attempt to expose and correct climate change hype and hysteria.

Ecoworld put NASA scientists in the dock for over-egging a conjectured net loss to the Greenland ice sheet. As Ecoworld puts it: “a net loss of 27 cubic miles per year. Does that sound like a lot? It isn’t.”

It seems NASA scientist Scott Luthcke noted that Greenland’s ice melt now constitutes ”an annual net loss of ice equal to nearly six years of average water flow from the Colorado River.” To which Ecoworld respond:

“Need we add that at an annual flow of 4.5 cubic miles of water, by volume, the Colorado is a relatively small river?”


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