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Posted on timeDecember 19th, 2006 by userPali Gap

The conjecture of AGW (human-caused global warming) is interesting science – but I would argue it is much more contentious than is generally supposed.

I guess most “contrarians” are driven by the idea that the AGW conjecture has been hijacked by various folks to serve some nefarious agenda: anti-capitalism, displaced post-christian guilt, anti-americanism, and so forth.

In the popular imagination the media has created a consensus where that symbol of capitalism the car is deeply implicated with the idea of “global warming”. We have to tax/cut down/ban/ the use of gas-guzzling vehicles (especially in the good ‘ole USA of course!).

How interesting then to discover that in fact according to a new report from LEAD:

The livestock sector is…responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions measured in CO2 equivalent. This is a higher share than transport

Now when you think about it, especially in the current climate of “climate change hysteria”, that is a pretty amazing assertion. It sets a bit of a different perspective, no?

So who is LEAD? If you’re thinking it’s some conservative think-tank “funded by big oil” (the knee-jerk response to inconvenient truths for those sympathetic to Gore’s Incovenient Truth), you’d be quite wrong. LEAD (Livestock, Environment and Development LEAD Initiative) is a multi-institutional initiative of FAO formed “to promote ecologically sustainable livestock production systems”. OK, I hear you ask, who is FAO? Well they are the FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION OF THE UNITED NATIONS. Now these good people are NOT contrarians and deniers (what a surprise!). In fact in the same report from LEAD we read the perfectly politically correct:

With rising temperatures, rising sea levels, melting icecaps and glaciers, shifting ocean currents and weather patterns, climate change is the most serious challenge facing the human race

But where in the current political and media debate about global warming do you see any acknowledgment that it is livestock that is a bigger problem than transport?


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