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Posted on timeOctober 22nd, 2006 by userPali Gap

I likes this article today from ecoworld.com:

Greenland’s Ice Melting Slowly

Coming from a web site that you would expect to be firmly on the non-sceptical side of the debate, it is an excellent attempt to expose and correct climate change hype and hysteria.

Ecoworld put NASA scientists in the dock for over-egging a conjectured net loss to the Greenland ice sheet. As Ecoworld puts it: “a net loss of 27 cubic miles per year. Does that sound like a lot? It isn’t.”

It seems NASA scientist Scott Luthcke noted that Greenland’s ice melt now constitutes ”an annual net loss of ice equal to nearly six years of average water flow from the Colorado River.” To which Ecoworld respond:

“Need we add that at an annual flow of 4.5 cubic miles of water, by volume, the Colorado is a relatively small river?”


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