Global warming implicated in undersea quakes

Posted on timeJanuary 26th, 2006 by userPali Gap

In his review in the British Sunday Times of James Lovelock’s new book (“The Revenge Of Gaia“), Richard Mabey writes:

“We give generously to the victims of climate-change-driven disasters such as famines and tsumani, and do nothing to stop them happening again”

Yes you read that right: Tsunami are climate driven disasters!

The zealots will see the hand of global warming everywhere

Take the other week when the big news in London was the unfortunate whale that had strayed into the Thames. The whale got to be the top story on Channel 4 news one evening. They wheeled on an expert (from the Natural History Museum as I recall). No sooner had his interview begun than Jon Snow tried to steer the conversation towards the possibility that this rare event might be evidence for climate change. I think the guest scientist was a bit embarrased by such glib thinking and to his great credit he politely but firmly refused to be drawn on the subject


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